Fantastic Colourful Costumes

imageWe’re all about having a complete look on stage. When you’re dancing you want to have the whole nine yards, go all out, be memorable! One way to do that is to colourfully coordinate from head to toe with matching and complimenting hues. When wearing red, it might be customary to match it with white or black. But we believe red can be paired with other bold colours!

The right accessories are also crucial. You’ll want elegance and bling, two things that are sometimes hard to pair. Your bling should also highlight your tummy area and not take away from it. Accentuate your midrift with a complimenting colour scheme and jewelry or a hipscarf. Get your friend’s opinion. Show them photos of yourself in various poses and get their honest thoughts. Does it really look good on you?

Before buying, measure yourself accurately. Make sure you get someone to help you if needed. There’s nothing worse than ordering something only to have it not fit upon arrival. Once you have it on, do your routine in your garment to make sure there aren’t any surprises. Does it move the way you need it to for the piece you are to perform? Most of the time, a skirt set with a bra top (bedluh) will be fine for all types of classic staged shows in raqs sharqi. For advanced moves, floor work and props, test it all out so you can adjust your movements to keep them from getting caught on a costume (i.e. assayah flipping your skirt up in the air during an intricate move). image

Colourful costumes can add so much to a show and are great for costume changes. Think of your favourite colours… Which combos would you choose? Let us know!

Thanks for reading!
-Team MBD

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