What’s Cool This Winter? Cover Ups!

imageIt’s cold just about everywhere in the northern hemisphere. But the shows must go on! Halfas, performances, travel and more in our industry do not take a holiday. We all dance 365 days a year for a number of cultural holidays and occasions and we want to make sure you’ve got what you need.

One young lady was discussing how to keep warm on club nights. She said “I’ll throw a coat over anything.” We hear you! Why not a thobe? Our large velvet caftans are quite warm and particuarly suitable for most Eastern settings. This caftan feels like a big cloak and reaches the ankles on most. It’s wide and roomy, fits most and comes in a comfortable velvet that is soft and smooth to the touch.

We have other thobes and enembles with jackets that will suit your fancy. While they are cute, we know this one is cool to wear in the cold. Enjoy!

Caftans and Thobes
Caftans and Thobes


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