Care for a Caftan? How about a Thobe?

Urban Shimmer Series
Urban Shimmer Series

A large percentage of our raqs fashion has a history behind it. These are clothes that we see in our own countries and cultures. Of recent, we have gone a bit further to do our best to incorporate some of the latest styles seen not just on dancers in the east but those in attendance and in the audience. We look to our friends and our own closets for inspiration. We are continuously peeking out the window, headed to the cafes and asking ‘what is really in style?’

One item that rarely goes out of style are thobes and caftans. They serve multiple purposes but are worn most notably for preserving modesty. Our resident raissa explains…

I saw so many people in workshops and conferences running around in really cute classwear. Some were in short belly bare cropped tops, some tube tops, others in spaghetti strap camisoles and a myriad of bottoms including boy shorts or capris plus a coined or fringed hipscarf. When it was time for lunch or just some casual strolling between classes, these attendees were covering up in big sweatshirts or clunky jackets as there doesn’t seem to be a thin, covering to wear atop a nice classwear set. I kept thinking, wouldn’t a beautiful jilbab or something similar be much more elegant for covering their unique workout wear? So, we thought of this. The Chebba Hoodie, The Pera Hoodie and the Urban Shimmer series.

Pera Thobe
Pera Hoodie (can also be used as casual thobe for modest wear)

Pera Hoodie – This garment is long and meets the ankles. It’s made of a durable patterned fabric and closes with a string tie. Though fairly sheer you can see that it does the job of masking one’s classwear fairly well. It’s also used for regular fashion and to preserve one’s modesty. It’s lightweight and can be folded neatly into most carryalls for travel. We hope you’ll find it as useful as we have. Get a few as gifts for your friends, makes a great item for birthdays and special milestones.

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