The Raqs Wardrobe

imageA Raqs Wardrobe
As one progresses in their raqs career, having a raqs wardrobe with all of the essentials is necessary to sustain growth. In addition to your tahtib & assayah, zills and hipscarves you need certain full costume sets to keep your look fresh.

The Practice Wear/Teaching Gear
When you’re going to conferences to learn or teach, you want to have a great foundation. Because students rely on looking at the way your body moves, it’s best to have something that is form fitting so they can see the legs, muscles and full range of movements that make up the dance. We suggest a two piece ensemble or for some, a full leotard, whichever is most comfortable. It can be stylish and doesn’t necessarily have to be plain or the traditional black. Please don’t be afraid to add some colour to your closet. Raqs is colourful and lively and your persona as well as your clothes will benefit from carrying a vibrant theme.

Let your raqs wardrobe reflect your personality.
Let your raqs wardrobe reflect your personality.

The Stage and Theatre Costume
This is going to be one of your bigger investments. You’ll want to invest in 3 great ensembles. One should be a beladi dress for audiences that do not wish to see their dancer in a bedluh, layered costume for ethnic dances and a bedluh for competitions and professional bellydance programs. There are so many varieties, pick your favourite colour or that which fits the theme of your usual events. These are also the easiest to resell so be sure to take good care of it. Spot cleaning and professional costume cleaners will be your best friend. Most professional cleaning for a costume starts at $25 to $30 and is worth it.

Hafla Wear
There may be times when you are invited to weddings and family events and a costume isn’t needed at all…just some good fun dance clothes that allow you to shimmy with your friends. We suggest you get some fun dance pants, a really cool top and an amazing hipscarf that is memorable and fun. At some parties, especially traditional ones, women play the instruments for each other while several get in the center and dance. At mixed parties Debke and other line dances are plenty. You can be comfortable and look great at the same time. Ethnic jewelry and earrings are great additions for times like these.

Your Raqs wardrobe is a reflection of your love for the art. Make it truly special and let us know what Team MBD can do to help you fill your closet with the outfits of your dreams.

Thanks for reading!

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