Professional Bellydance Costumes

Custom made skirts and blouses for bellydance professionals.
Custom made skirts and blouses for bellydance professionals.

A professional costume is a thing of beauty. At we custom make our professional line to fit you just the way you want it. We take a great deal of pride in constructing the costume to the colour and design of the professional’s choice.

These costumes are extremely important to a dancer’s career. When you’ve invested time and money into your raqs education you deserve to have a costume that becomes your elegant skillset. Having mastered so much in the art of Raqs Sharqi, it’s time to go forward and present your bellydance best to the world. Whether you are starting out in a restaurant or competiting in a prestigious competition, get a professional costume to match your personal style. bedluh's are custom made to fit all dancers in a variety of sizes, it's tailor made. bedluh’s are custom made to fit all dancers in a variety of sizes, it’s tailor made.

MissBellydance carries bedluhs, beladi dresses and other styles of bellydance bras and belts of the modern era. We also have classwear for teachers and an array of hipscarves for your students. If you’re ready to invest in your raqs presentation, click here for our large selection of bellydance professional wear and follow us on Twitter @missbellydance, Facebook and Instagram for updates and photos of new items we have in stock plus things to come.

Bellydance Professional Costumes
Bellydance Professional Costumes

We wish you the best in your raqs journey, reach out to us at anytime with questions and inquiries on the culture, the art, music and more. Our team of international citizens will be glad to help you and can in most cases help you in your language of choice via our FB page and on select days via phone.

Keep in touch!
Team MBD

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