AskMissBellydance is Back with Bellydance Evolution

Bellydance Evolution comes to Atlanta 11-14 Sept w/Essence of Bellydance IV
Bellydance Evolution comes to Atlanta 11-14 Sept w/Essence of Bellydance IV
We’re looking ahead to late Autumn where we’ll be spending a week with the Atlanta Fusion Bellydance team for Essence of Bellydance IV! What an amazing team of volunteers and leaders under the direction of Faaridah! Attendees are in for all sorts of amazing extras and surprises with vendors like and the team FanFlock hosted by Global Sound Scene. It will certainly be a weekend to remember!

Some of the amazing extras include the Competition. It allows the community and other dancers an opportunity to train with cast and possibly be in the show. Be sure to click through to learn more.

Lauren of Bellydance Evolutiion's Alice in Wonderland
Lauren of Bellydance Evolutiion’s Alice in Wonderland
FanFlock hosted by Global Sound Scene will allow 2 raffle ticket winners the opportunity to win really cool items from the event, like 2 free tickets to the show. will be revealing some cool new surprises, limited edition autographed cds from Mazaag and fun things for dancers, their friends and professionals. There’s so much to look forward to at Essence of Bellydance IV! It’s going to be an amazing opportunity for all in attendance.

Accommodations are at the W Hotel in Midtown, one of Atlanta’s top hot spots for relaxing and getting away. The cast of Bellydance Evolution will be there the entire weekend, 4 days of ultimate fun with top names like Jilinna, ultra talented mega stars like Danielo and Luchia. You can’t miss this chance to hang out with dancers from around the world in one of the south’s biggest cultured cities. Register right here at a discounted rate. Rates will increase soon so get your tickets now!

You can also buy through our website link. – Flyer and info are in the center of page, enjoy! See you there!!

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