Getting Ready For Conferences

imageThis year MissBellydance has been visiting dance conferences and programs to meet with our friends and fans in the industry. It is a lot of work. One thing we advise all dancers to do before travelling abroad and or for long periods of time is to make a checklist of what you need. Try not to pack in a hurry. Set aside one night to go over everything you may need and check it off one by one.

Of course we are all human. We forget! So in addition to checklist, there are other things to keep in mind when heading out for a bit of hipshimmy.

1. Make A List (you got that already)
2. Pack according to your class schedule. -If you are taking zill classes and know that you’ll be doing tribal ATS performances with zills, add that tribal skirt or top (or something similar) to the days’ outfits.
3. Bring an extra costume -If there is a hafla night with open stage and you want to be front and center, bring a costume and dance in it. Make sure the costume is cross-genre so you can do a number of different moves.
4. Visit the hotel website. Learn as much as you can about where you are staying. Find out if they have airport shuttle service so you don’t have to hail a cab or worry about ground transportation
5. Bring twice as much cash. Often times we think we won’t buy too much or won’t need but x amount of currency only to find out we were wrong. So, add extra to your account or bring a credit card for emergencies.

We hope this helps you out, let us know if you have travel fears, are headed out to your first bellydance conference miles away from home or have general conference questions. We love to hear from our fans and help out in any way we can.

lots of tops and accessories on

lots of tops and accessories on

If you or your troupe performs in one our bellydance and raqs sharqi costumes, send us photo or video to any of our social media platforms.
One winner per quarter will be awarded $75 toward their next purchase.

Happy Dancing!

Beautiful Beladi Dress

Beladi DressWhile the bedluh is a popular item, the beladi dress is one a mainstay in Egypt and Lebanon. Every great legend seems to own many of them. They walk out and glide around like raqs angels in these intricate garments. So why are they so hard to come by and where are they made?

Anyone can make a beladi dress but really beautiful, intricate ones are special. We’ve got one or two designs in our collection and we’re making them available to you. These custom made garments are a perfect way to display your talent at a Raqs gala.  Our beladi dress had strudy workings on the bust with lots of classic embellishments. It has a center vertical center design to draw the eye down into the hip area for more emphasis on the most important movements. Long fringe decorates the hips so that every shimmy, hip drop and sway is accented. As customary it comes with a long split on the side also accentuated with jewels and crystals.

Pair this halter style with rhinestone jewelry and beautiful wrist cuffs. A matching cane and a pair of zills will have you on your way down memory lane as quite the hot number. If you’re ready to take your performance to the next level in one of these, let us know we’d love to feature you in our next dancer edition.

Bra Tops For All Types

Most dancers are exposed to Raqs Sharqi and Bellydance by a woman wearing a bedluh. It is a bra top and belt set often accompanied by a flowing veil and skirt. This is the typical idea of a bellydancer. In the east, raqs sharqi/bellydance goes beyond this costume. It includes long beautiful gowns with stunning embroidery or in some cases. Costumes and bellydance attire differ depending on where one is in the world. Still, most dancers want to own a bedluh. It has become the signature costume worldwide thanks to hollywood and the Orientalist period…and many other factors. It is quite ravishing when worn well. And in this art, you’ve got to look good in it or it distracts from your costume.Buying your Bra and Belt
It’s easier to enhance a bedluh that is too big than to smash flesh in one that is too small. Don’t be afraid to go up a size no matter what size you may be, petite or plus. Tucking the long sides of a skirt into the side of the belt puts a beautiful emphasis on every hip move.If your bra is too big you might try putting in padding in the bottom of the cup to lift your look. It’s better than the “squeezed look.” For best results go with your exact bra size or send in your bra to the costume maker. MissBellydance accepts this method and uses it often to make custom-made bras for our customers of all sizes.

Bellydance has no size requirement. Always aim to look good and go the extra mile. It is an ancient art form in which you should be allowed to feel proud and confident. For more info on proper fit, you can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media platforms and of course here on our blog and email.

Andrus Ramir, the new Prince of Raqs Sharqi

Andrus Ramir is a raqs star based in Miami. He is known for outstanding fluid moves that are unmatched in the raqs world. Graceful, stunning and amazing to watch, Andrus wins the hearts of his audience as soon as he steps out onto the stage. We had the pleasure of seeing him back in 2007 for a Fusion Fest featuring dancers like Sharon Kihara. He was impressive then and he’s even more impressive now.  Our resident raissa Andye spoke with him recently regarding his life as a dancer.

You’ve become a huge influence on fellow dancers and fans Andrus, but who are your major influences?

When it comes to dance, I have many influences, many dancers who inspire and have shaped my flavor or style. My favorite Egyptian dancer is Randa Kamel. She’s strong, linear, juicy and soulful. I, as well, love Argentine dancers such as Saida, Marya Huzid, Yamil Annum and many more. I enjoy and admire their technique and style. One of my newest obsessions and major influences would be Darya Mickevich, I love her turns and fluidity.

Just hearing you speak about these dancers shows that you are not just a “representative” of your art, you take it to heart. Why are you so passionate about raqs sharqi? 

Sometimes it can be difficult to put into words what’s truly in the heart and soul. Belly dance brings so much joy to my life, it’s such a big part of who I am as an individual. I have always been fascinated by Middle Eastern culture since childhood. It was not until I was older that I decided to be a dancer, a professional belly dancer.

And you’re a male bellydancer in a time when many are still ignorant about men on the dance circuit, despite their long presence in this particular art’s history. Many fans are beginning to feel that male dancers are better than women, how do you feel about this new opinion?

I feel that there is a place for everyone. The dance embraces everyone, that’s the beauty of this dance.  I also believe that success is unlimited and I feel everyone can have their share of it. I feel there are things that you can only see in a female dancer and vice versa. Both are unique and can be just as powerful.

Yes, that’s a great way to put it…things you can only see in a female dancer and vice versa. That’s another reason your fans enjoy watching you. When you dance for us it is just something that we can’t get from just anyone; it’s so unique…which makes me wonder, if you could dance for anyone who would it be?

This is a tough question. I don’t know how to answer this question. So many people that I would like to showcase the art form to. My goal as a professional dancer is to reach and touch as many lives as possible, that is my intention.

Well, this one might be easier, you’ve been featured at every Black Orchid Danse event since its inception, what is that like and why do you agree to return? 

It has always been a great honor to work with Black Orchid Danse, the great support, friendship and love throughout the years have been key factors. When you enter the Black Orchid Danse family you really feel like a family member.

Black Orchid Danse and their fans certainly support you and your desires. But we know we aren’t the only ones who care about you. Aside from them, who are your biggest supporters and why do you think they love you so much? 

My biggest supporters would be the Miami Bellydance community. I would be nowhere if it weren’t for the support and love that I have receive since my beginnings. From my first bellydance instructors, my fellow dancers, and to other dancers I mentor. Special thanks to Belly Motions for their years of love, guidance and growth. Belly Motions is one of the key groups that has molded me into the dancer that I am today.

So, you bellydance and…well, do you do any other dance art? Can you sing?

Belly dance is my first love and passion. I love other things such as painting, and anything that involves getting creative and working with Rhinestones.

(Laughs) Yes, we love you in rhinestones. So speaking of being creative, your presentations are truly captivating and amazing. Do you have a favourite? What’s your proudest moment in Raqs Sharqi? 

One of my recent proud moments would have to be Black Orchid Danse Presents: Bad Boys of Bellydance 2012. It was my first time being sponsored as a guest instructor. I remember sitting in my hotel room and looking back. I had came from nothing, no dance training or understanding of my potential. It was that love and passion that drove me to the present day. Sitting there I realized how far I’ve come, my  accomplishments and even how much more I can accomplish.

Wow what an achievement! So, what is your next goal, where do you want to go and who do you want to see? 

My goal is to continue to grow as a dancer in all aspects. But I want to travel more, all over the world to showcase my love for the dance and my style. I enjoy seeing new faces, not only because they get to see you for the first time but because you have the opportunity to inspire, empower, make new friends and be surrounded by people who appreciate this wonderful artfrom.

We are grateful for Andrus’ time with Andye and he’s been a pleasure to fan follow. We are hoping to see him at more events in the Atlanta area. If you’re interested in studying with him check out his upcoming workshop in Florida. 

Follow Andrus on Twitter @AndrusRamir & Like his Facebook page for more info: We’ve compiled some of his favourite performances here: