Black Orchid Danse is Busy!

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Black Orchid Danse because they bring in so many great artists every year. We’ve signed up for their newsletters and received a ton of cool information regarding two events they’re hosting.

There’s one in Atlanta coming up this October. It will feature world famous Nath Keo as well as Egyptian Raqs Star Hayat El Helwa. Both Raqs artists are known for their unique style of dancing as well as their great classes and followers who claim they can watch them for hours.
You can sign up for this conferences by visiting the Black Orchid Danse website.

There’s also their annual Black Orchid Danse Raqs Extravaganza that takes place like clockwork every memorial day weekend. It will feature their outstanding Black Orchid Family friends Tito Seif, Nath Keo, Tarik Sultan and new additions to their raqs family tree. Sign up for those newsletters and get big deals and savings when you register early. Just reading the awesome information makes us want to get up and dance…or at least practice for what is to come. Yes, Black Orchid Danse is busy!

Joining them this year are two new big sponsors. Again, you can find out more by checking out their website, facebook page, following them on Twitter or better yet, signing up for the newsletter. This is one fantastic conference that we have had the pleasure of attending and look forward to every year. The wait is excruciating but its something awesome to look forward to!


Learning a Tabla Solo

Learning a Tabla Solo
The Tabla Solo is so important to many raissat. In fact, it is a required part of a set for some dancers. A true tabla solo is often with a skilled tabla player. Working alongside the tabla artist is crucial for a really good performance. Understanding the rhythms of the Middle East will assist anyone who is looking to master the Tabla Solo as well.

Warming up before practice is crucial. Ask any dancer and they’ll tell you that not warming up can cost you dearly. Ankle injuries and other uncomfortable things can prevent you from ever dancing again so be sure to warm up well. Following a warm up, a review of basic isolations will hep you hit the notes physically as the tabla goes along. Constant practice of the basics will make you a natural and it will make you feel confident when working with the tabla player.

Choosing a tabla player is not easy. You shouldn’t just grab your brother or sister and hand them a drum thinking they can bang out a rhythm by memory. Be sure to work with local music groups, club DJs and music schools to find those who are well trained on this instrument as well as the various rhythms of the east. Payments should be split between Tabla player and dancer as you are a team. No one is doing more work than the other. Tabla players can be women as well. There is no law or cultural rule that says a woman can’t play instruments. There are many talented Tabla Players of both sexes and they should be respected equally.

You the dancer should certainly practice a lot before the show, excessively with your tabla player and of course alone at home with a cd of the same music and rhythms to perfect the piece. The stunning tabla solos are those that look flawless and are performed by those who truly understand their music, their tabla player and the dance itself.

Outfits for the tabla solo can be a variety of raqs and bellydance costumes. Items such as the bedluh are the most popular in both the west and the east but a nice beladi dress works well too. Invest in a good pair of zills as you never know when your tabla player might add in a little something extra that can allow your zill talent to shine.

Most of all do this for fun and for the love the dance! Enjoy and send us pictures of your performance so we can blog about you!

Miss BellyDance and Team

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Summer Costumes

It’s getting warmer each day and that means time to pull out the cool comfortable costumes for a sizzling summer of festivals, outdoor concerts and shows. Instead of heavy cover ups using a variety of veils and short caftans often works to conceal your stellar outfit before show time. Learning to wrap a veil in a fashionable way is also useful when you don’t want to wear too much before show time.

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Ready for Black Orchid Danse!

From one of our pals who goes to shows every year seeking out the new trends in just about every industry…even Raqs Sharqi! Read about her admiration for Black Orchid Danse

In less than 2 months Black Orchid Danse will be in full swing. It is known as the global raqs (bellydance) conference that does not disappoint! I couldn’t agree more. Last year’s conference was so exciting I woke up several hours earlier than the actual class time for each day. Black Orchid Danse provided not only a learning environment but a nurturing one. Everyday I wanted to get up and greet my new friends and family as each new day began. It’s amazing how close you can get to people in such a short amount of time and I’ve kept in touch with just about everyone I met there! We’re also going back this May and I’m forever grateful for it!

I signed up for the conference right away because the price was great! After travelling to many conferences along the East Coast, California and outside the US I still feel that this one provided the type of environment I was looking for. The venues (inclusive of the welcome party, the Gala shows and extra events) are always top notch in 4 star settings. I even invited some friends from up north who are getting great airfare deals via Expedia and Delta. It pays to join these airline clubs and get the updates on great seats at great rates. That has always helped in my travels and now its helping my friends as well who are coming along to BOD 2011.

Black Orchid Danse will be my “big conference” of choice for 2011. I’ve looked at few others and nothing compares right now…simply nothing. Where do you find so many great artists all in one place, in a luxurious resort with fun, friendly faces that you truly enjoy dancing with and form long lasting bonds? I’ve got a ton of dancers to visit all year round and Black Orchid Danse is our reunion spot! I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing all the Raqs Stars that I follow, such as Tito Seif (this will be my third time experiencing his incredible, unforgettable “Tito Show”).


I’m also looking forward to seeing Nath Keo again (first saw him in Canada) and I can’t wait to meet Sharon Kihara for a second time, Tarik Sultan (can’t get enough of him…he makes me want to move upstate so I can study with him regularly). This will be my first time with Amira Mor’s material live. I’ve been following along with her website and on youtube…so I’m elated to actually meet her in person and learn from her face to face and hip to hip. Willow Chang is another new addition to my Raqs Star world and after countless conversations with her via Facebook it will be an honour to hug her in person! She’s so down to earth and friendly…and her performances…wow, she’s so talented and able to cover so many different styles that are done throughout the world today not only in Raqs but the traditional and fused styles from around the globe. All of these instructors plus DJ Amar will be featuring exquisite material, new things and showing us how to improve as dancers. This is awesome for those of us eager to take it to the next step no matter what level we are. As an international community member who has danced at family events, festivals and international holiday parties I always look for material that is above and beyond average. And after last year’s huge array of classes, cultural tips and info I know I’m getting top dollar info for well below the market rate. Trying to visit each of these dancers individually for years has been worth the price but having them all in one place is the icing on the cake!

Yes, I’m beyond excited and truly relieved that I got my ticket last year when it was first announced. If you’ve not signed up check out these new packages I discovered after vistiting their absolutely gorgeous registration site today. There’s so much to choose from including a la carte items! The social media pages are already buzzing as we get closer and closer to the BOD Day 1! Hope you’ll join us on this spectacular ride with Raqs Royalty! Zaghareeeeeeeeet indeed!

If you’re looking for a fun memorial day weekend you’ll definitely want to check out this fun, action packed and elegant global dance affair with a major emphasis on Raqs Sharqi (bellydance), music and more with an all star international cast!