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We love to attend shows and do fun things with our local dance community in Atlanta. Our pal and resident Raissa Andye Andinha attends several bellydance conferences a year and reports back to us and the Atlanta Bellydance community all that is going on in the world. We love to sit back and hear about the beautiful costumes and the awesome stars she met. Recently she went blogged an entry for Gilded Serpent, commenting on the awesomeness of Black Orchid Danse.

And this month, she blogged about Live Music and Dance! Here’s a snippet from her review. She writes:

*as always, these are simply my opinions…
An interesting and diverse crowd came out last night for the Tribal Carnival. The highlight of the evening was the awesome musical talents of the Day Late and a Dollar Shortkestra featuring Majda, Dave Machek, Natalie Brown and a ton of other notable names from the Southeast Bellydance community and the band Wasted Wine. Their collaboration was outstanding and they played very well for each dancer making little to no obvious mistakes. It should have been recorded and sold.

The show started off with Wasted Wine playing several songs. They are a diverse band with 3 talented men up front, a beautiful lady who looks to be Asian/Asian American on drums-percussion and a female backup singer and guitarist. They have, what I would call, a very vaudeville, roadshow style that works for that genre. I found their sound to be very beautiful though I didn’t get the lyrics of much of what was sung. Could be a language barrier…sometimes I just don’t understand without background and previously studied lyric pages.

My favourites of the night were certainly the very tight performances by Jahara Phoenix, Majda and Awalim as a whole. The pieces looked well rehearsed even if it was perhaps improv…you could just see that they didn’t just get up there and play. Not that there’s anything wrong with playing around but when presenting anything it should look clean and their performances were the cleanest of the night.

Jahara Phoenix on Zills is just something to behold. The way they interacted on stage and the play on within the song they chose (Hadouni
Instrumental??…that’s what it sounded like to me) was just excellent. It felt even fresher than before. I loved their spirit, their smiling faces and the transitions that they chose. Very nice performance that wrapped up the first half of the program.

Opening the second half was Majda’s solo. It was very beautiful as is she. And I think that’s half why it was so good. Majda is just a really good looking lady and everyone in the audience near me was whispering that to each other…”she’s really beautiful…and really good.” As always it was a spirited solo that got a lot of reaction from the crowd for all of the right reasons… (for more of her writings you can begin following her through the upcoming African Asian Business and Cultural Exchange Blog which goes live on Facebook in the coming weeks)

Enjoying a live music and dance is a treasure. Most of what you’ll find in Eastern countries and cultures is a live band with one or two dancers being highlighted for the evening. You’ll want to get to the venue early to get a good seat and see the show. Live music happens all over the eastern world including most parts of southeast Asia. You’ll see shows don’t always happen on the weekends but week nights. Some of our favourite local shows take place at a restaurant titled “Fanoos Persian Cuisine” on Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs Georgia. There are live shows weekly featuring local dancers and a great band once a month specializing in Flamenco.

Do you have fun places you like to go and hear great music? Tell us about it! Send us a link to your photo album or respond to us with the fun things you do at live music shows with your friends! We’d love to hear from you!

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